Congratulations you have taken your first step to go Over The Edge!

Individual Rappeller

Complete the form below, pay your non-refundable registration fee and set up your fundraising page then you are ready to share that YOU are taking one small step to go OVER THE EDGE to raise money for the Child Advocacy Center.

Team Rappellers

This is a great team builder for your business whether it is large or small. Go ahead create a team; invite friends, family and colleagues to join you in your fundraising efforts. Now challenge another team to a friendly fundraising contest. Which team will raise the most money? Team members raise funds collectively with one rappel spot reserved for each $1,000 raised. Each team member must register and pay the non-refundable registration fee.

Let’s get started: Chose a team name, complete the team information below and register your team. Invite team members to join your team, instruct them to go to the OTE registration page; there they will select your team name from the menu and register. Teams are a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6.


Toss the Boss (teacher, coach, team leader) is really easy, rally co-workers for a great cause and toss the boss OVER THE EDGE.

Register the boss online and pay the non-refundable registration fee. Space is limited.

Raise a minimum of $1,000 to TOSS THE BOSS. NOW… if the boss matches the funds you have raised, your boss can select an employee to go over in his/her place.

Sign Up Form

For your fundraising page to be activated by the Child Advocacy Center, you need to register, pay and turn in a waiver. Register and pay using the form below. (Please note – registration fees cannot be refunded for any reason.) Once you complete these steps, return to “Over the Edge,” click on “Participant Waiver” and follow the instructions to finish your registration process.

Over the Edge Registration

Sorry, online registration is closed! Contact us for more information about participating.