Fundraising Tool Kit

Home - w2Okay, despite the incredulous responses of family and friends, you’ve registered to go over the edge of Sky Eleven! You’re excited, you’ve circled the date on your calendar, you wish it was June. But wait. You also have to raise $1,000 (this IS a fundraiser supporting abused children.) And because you secure your rappelling spot only after you raise $1,000, it’s time to get started.

The number one reason people give money to ANY cause is because they are asked. For real. This is lesson #1 — you need to ask for donations. Lesson #2 is — the worst response you can get from someone you ask is “no.” You ask for a donation and someone says “no.” No big deal. Thank that person, say “have a great day” and move on. Because lesson #3 is — lots of people will say “yes.”

Four Steps to Successful Fundraising
Step One – Learn about our mission. Read “About Us” and “Services” on this site. Call us for a tour. We love it when people  visit our “house”. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and keep up with our activities. Once you understand our amazing mission and share it, you will discover that many people are happy to support children’s needs.
Step Two – Get EXCITED! When people observe your enthusiasm for our mission and witness your excitement for this amazing experience, you will inspire their support!
Step Three – Speak from the heart on your fundraising page. When you register for this event, you also create your fundraising page; be sure to tell people why you have taken on this challenge.
Step Four – Outline a fundraising plan, starting with our resources below.

Sample Donor Breakdown
Personal donation (donors appreciate when you’re a donor, too ) – $50
Employer match of your gift – $50
2 family members donate $100 each – $200
5 family members donate $50 each – $250
10 good friends donate $25 each – $250
5 acquaintances donate $20 each – $100
10 co-workers donate $10 each – $100
Add it up – you’ve raised – $1,000!

Use our Fundraising Worksheet to build your custom donor list. (You may have fewer family members but more friends; more classmates than co-workers. The point is, YOU have the contacts to raise $1,000.)

More Fundraising Resources
Sample Fundraising Letter

Additional Fundraising Ideas

Credit Card Security Deposit Form

Fundraising Worksheet

Offline Donation Deposit Form

Important Frequently-asked Fundraising Questionsquestion-w
Are donations tax deductible?
Yes, all donations are tax deductible. Donations of $100 or more also qualify for “Champion for Children” tax credits. This is an up-to 50 percent tax credit that is only available to donors of child advocacy centers, crisis nurseries and CASAs in Missouri. The Child Advocacy Center will send your donors tax acknowledgement paperwork.

Can people donate by cash or check in addition to donating on my fundraising page?
Yes, but they must give their donation to you. You then complete an “Offline Donation Deposit Form” for each gift with the name and address of the donor (so we may acknowledge their gift.) Once you have collected at least five offline donations, you may bring them by our office at 1041 E. Walnut St.

To whom are checks made payable?
Make checks payable to Child Advocacy Center.

Will my donors’ gifts be acknowledged?
Yes, online donations will receive an automated, email receipt and a follow-up thank-you within 30 days. Checks and cash (only if accompanied by a completed Offline Donation Form) will be acknowledged within 30 days.

Are my donations refundable if I cannot rappel?
Donations are non-refundable. We hope your donors will be happy knowing their gifts will be counted in our Over the Edge fundraising total and used to support services to abused children—even if something happens and you cannot rappel.

What is the Credit Card Security Deposit Form?
As you know, you must raise a minimum of $1,000 before you can secure your rappelling time. This is true UNLESS you complete the Credit Card Security Deposit. By submitting this form, you give the Child Advocacy Center permission to charge your credit card on June 1, 2018 the remaining balance of your $1,000 goal (guaranteeing you will raise $1,000.)

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