Kids for Kids Campaign

There is nothing more special than children helping children. Throughout our 20-year history, children have supported our mission – with 50-cent gifts,  Beanie Baby donations, volunteering and more!

In 2014, we created an actual kids campaign as a way for children to help young victims of abuse. The enthusiasm it generated led to the expanded effort – piggy banks that children can adopt and fill on behalf of our kiddos!

The process is simple – with the help of a parent, children drop by our Springfield Administrative Offices at 1041 E. Walnut St., or our West Plains center at 411 Garfield St., fill out an Adoption Form and take home a pig. (You can also print the Adoption Form here and bring it with you – it’s helpful because it answers a list of “Frequently Asked Questions.”) Once home, children begin “feeding” their piggies by filling them with coins!

When the pig’s belly is full, return it to the CAC.


The Kids for Kids Campaign is sponsored by
Dougherty Wealth Management.