As a prosecutor who handles crimes against children I work with the Child Advocacy Center every day and I realize all the hard work they do for some of our most vulnerable victims. The Child Advocacy Center uses the funds raised through this event to help make sure there is a safe space for these child victims to talk about their experiences. Whereas in the past a child victim would have to tell multiple different people (parents, teachers, officers, doctors, DSS workers, medical professionals, etc.) about their experience, the CAC provides an opportunity for those agencies to see the interview without having to re-traumatize the child by asking the same questions over and over. The child may also be seen by a medical professional for a check-up without having to travel to another location. The CAC is a much-needed resource that provides many services to families during some of their worst days. Please donate to this worthwhile cause.

Over the Edge Donation

Minimum Price: $20.00


Shana Mora

Fundraising Goal: $1000.00

Total Raised: $1100