My first introduction to the Child Advocacy Center was while I was in nursing school. I completed some of my clinicals at the Child Advocacy Center and was truly touched by the mission and service that they provide to the children in our community who have experienced traumatic events- providing a safe and therapeutic environment for them to share their experiences and to obtain the services they need. Interacting with the team and some of the children they were serving you could clearly see the support and relief that each child felt despite their previous experiences. The multidisciplinary team of experts who evaluate every avenue in each of these children’s care is impactful. Understanding their mission of placing the child’s needs first in an investigation of abuse allows for us to better support their mental, emotional, and physical health after a life changing traumatic experiences- I couldn’t be more excited to go “Over the Edge” in support of this organization within our community.

Over the Edge Donation

Minimum Price: $20.00


Marie Moore

Fundraising Goal: $1000

Total Raised: $1240