I have had the privilege of prosecuting crimes against children for the past 14 years, and both as a prosecutor and as a parent, I am saddened, and more often than not horrified, by the abuse suffered by the children in our communities. The lifelong trauma that a child victim will face from any form of abuse is unmeasurable, and the full extent of a victim’s suffering is hard to comprehend. The abuser has robbed the victim of their childhood and innocence. Child abuse victims are bound to the kind of nightmares and memories that many of us will never know. Unfortunately, no community is immune to child abuse, and it is incumbent upon us to ensure that a child victim’s voice is heard and they are never silenced. Historically, child abuse victims were required to recount their abuse multiple times to different agencies and individuals, forcing them to relive their abuse repeatedly. Out of these concerns, the Child Advocacy Center was established in 1995. The Child Advocacy Center allows all agencies to come together and work as a team where a child, who is either the victim of a crime or a witness to a crime, is interviewed by a trained professional who speaks to the child on an age appropriate level in a very child friendly environment. To keep this safe haven a reality for the child abuse victims in our community, the Child Advocacy Center needs our support! I’m going Over the Edge, and I hope that you will donate what you are able to so that the Child Advocacy Center may continue providing the abused children in our community a safe place to have their voice heard.

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Ami Miller

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