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Welcome to the Child Advocacy Center

Welcome to the Child Advocacy Center, a place where young victims of abuse come to safely and comfortably share their difficult stories. The children we serve have endured much in their young lives: physical and sexual abuse; online exploitation; child pornography; neglect; and more (things no child should ever experience.)

Inside our doors, children are greeted by delightful murals, a toy-filled family room and professionals trained to address the unique needs of children who have been hurt.

We provide these children two main services – Forensic Interviews and Sexual Assault Forensic Exams. The evidence and information we gather is then shared with a “team” of law enforcement officials, Children’s Division investigators, juvenile officers and more. Together, this team analyzes the information, discusses outcomes and decides on a safety plan that champions the best interests of each child.

Our Shared Story

It makes kids sad when someone hurts then. It’s good you have toys here (at the CAC). Toys make sad kids feel better.

Hannah, 4 years old

I am glad my drawing can show people how a kid feels when he has been hurt. Maybe people will stop hurting kids if they know how sad it makes them feel.

Kyler, 5 years old